You are invited to stoke your creativity and attend OCIO Connect’s pre-conference workshop on October 23rd at the Victoria Conference Centre. Special guest facilitators from Gartner, Microsoft, and DXC will guide and inspire teams as they co-design a road map of two of the five OCIO Strategic Pillars: Mobility and Cloud. Come prepared to connect, collaborate and share your ideas.

Seats are limited and filling up fast! To register send an email to the and specify which team you would like to join: Team Mobility or Team Cloud and we will do our very best to place on the team you requested.

Please note that this is a full day event. Two coffee breaks with light snacks and lunch will be provided.

Mapping the Open Road Concept

Mapping the Open Road is a unique opportunity to work directly with industry experts and peers government-wide to create and build-out what a digital government means to you, and how the OCIO’s Strategic Pillars play an integral role in that vision.

Gartner will kick off the workshop by identifying what a digital government looks like and how we, as public servants, can enhance our ability to connect with clients, citizens, and peers. Both Microsoft and DXC have their own versions of a road map design session and are bringing their skill set and endless resources to the table.

Microsoft will facilitate an”Ideation Session” that will guide a team through mapping what Cloud means to our organization’s infrastructure. In addition,  DXC will facilitate an “Envision Session” that will inspire a team through mapping the impact Mobility has on the public service.

At the end of the day, both teams will come together and present collaborative findings that will be displayed and discussed during the OCIO Connect 2017 conference. The information collected will also be taken back to the OCIO and applied to the development and evolution of the OCIO’s Strategic Pillars.